Mackie MR5 Main Driver Replacement

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Here is a step by step guide on how to replace the main driver in a Mackie MR5 speaker enclosure.


01. Take out the 6 perimeter screws on the back

Step 1


02. Remove the back plate

Step 2


03. Unplug connector at CN2 that has 1 red and 1 black wire
04. Unplug connector at CN5 that has 1 blue and 1 white wire
05. Unplug connector at CN4 that has 2 white wires (I used needle nosed pliars)

Steps 3, 4, 5


06. Remove bass port
07. Take out the 8 perimeter screws on the inner baffle
08 Slide out the inner baffle catty cornered horizontally and then lay it down partially inside
because the wires are too short and glued to the baffle to remove it all the way.

Step 8


09. Looking through the back at the back side of the front face locate the 6 screws remove them with a very long phillips head

Step 9


10. There are two more screws on the inner surface of the top of the box. Remove them with a very short phillips head

11. Slide the inner baffle back in so the wires dont stretch when you take off the front face

12. Carefully slide the front face off. The tweeter wires and “on” light are connected through the face so will only get about an inch off the box.

13. Rotate the front face carefully so you can lay it on the top of the box

Step 13


14. Remove the four screws holding the driver.

15. Carefully pull out the driver

16. Unplug the red wire from the positive terminal.

17. Unplug the black from the negative terminal and remove the driver

Step 15


Reverse order to put it back together. Make sure to snug the screws without over tightening.